How to Turn Off the Facebook Auto Play Videos

The days of forced ads are here and they’re probably here to stay. A lot of websites feature unwanted videos that automatically play. As annoying as that is, it’s easy to fix with the addition of simple browser plug-ins. However, there is nothing worse than browsing your Facebook wall and having your computer bog down from trying to load every single video on  your timeline. To prevent unwanted videos from playing altogether you can grab a browser extension to block flash videos, but if you just wish to turn off the Facebook auto play videos, I’ve set up a short tutorial. Below is a series of screenshots that should be pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

How to Disable Facebook Autoplay step 1
STEP ONE: In the upper right-hand corner, click the menu arrow.


How to Disable Facebook Autoplay step 2
STEP TWO: Click settings.


How to Disable Facebook Autoplay step 3
STEP THREE: At the bottom of the left side menu, click on “videos”.


facebookAutoplay step 4a
STEP FOUR: Under “Video Settings”, there should only be two choices – Video Default Quality and Auto-Play Videos. Click on the arrow for the second choice.


facebook Autoplay step 4b
STEP FOUR B: Click on “No”.


facebook Autoplay step 5
STEP FIVE: There really is no step five because Facebook auto saves your choices. Close out the settings menu or just click “Home.”

If you followed these steps, you have successfully disabled Facebook’s auto play feature. Happy surfing and hit me up on Facebook at the link below!

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