I’m your friendly neighborhood web developer and self-professed nerd. I love to learn about you and your business so that I may better serve your needs. Take a look around my site to learn more about me and where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and what my goals are. When you’re ready, shoot me a message and then we’ll go from there!


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Just to see what happens when I post it. Just to see what happens when I post it. Just to see what happens when I post it. Just to see…

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Working With a WordPress Web Developer

Websites are as different as the businesses and people they represent. Putting a set price tag on them is difficult. Building a website involves commitment from both the Client and…

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Technical Documentation Page

Finding subject matter for the technical documentation page was pretty easy. I love the Raspberry Pi and I think everyone should be introduced to it. Check it out!

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Product Landing Page

I loved this project. The first part of the project involved deciding on what product my page was going to showcase. I married my passion for natural burial and web…

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Survey Form

This project is also a plain jane HTML/CSS piece. The required fields must be complete before the form can be sent; however, since this project is for demonstration purposes only,…

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Tribute Page

This project is what I call a plain jane HTML/CSS job. It’s a straight forward, one-page tribute to American singer/songwriter Phil Ochs. The actual page can be seen at this…

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