How Do You Attract New Business?

How Do You Attract New Business?

The most popular answer I get to that question is word-of-mouth. While word-of-mouth has worked well in the past, and is the oldest method of advertising, it only reaches so far. How can you reach out to a larger audience and widen your customer base?

Your Online Presence

Your online presence matters. While a large number of consumers make decisions based upon online reviews, a business’ website can be either a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. Although a website isn’t free, it is an investment.

A Website Can Eliminate Costs

Typical costs of traditional advertising:

  • Brochures ($200/500) + labor
  • Flyers ($375/500) + labor
  • Door-hangers ($80/500) + labor


About Cyber Lines Design

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Hassle-Free Maintenance

There’s a lot of worry over websites getting hacked and there’s no fool-proof way to avoid it. However, Cyber Lines Design takes great care in making sure that clients websites are safe from spam and attacks. We can install all of the proper security software and then monitor the website activity to ensure it’s safe from harm or corruption. Our server uptime is 99.9% guaranteed.

Secure & Up-to-Date

Let us take care of the maintenance because you have a business to run. We can maintain the website for you with a no-worry guarantee that all software and apps are completely current.

No spam, no updating; we can keep you running with a clean and modern security and maintenance program.

Cyber Lines Designs Previous Work


Cyber Lines Designs Previous Work

Whether you’re a small business or a non-profit, I want to help you create your place on the web. I can explain what I do all I want, but I’m sure you want to see what I’ve already done. Take a look at the example portfolio below and click through the gallery. These websites were created specifically for the client. There is no “one-size-fits-all” template, so care must be taken to provide a simple, unique, and creative solution to the needs of each and every individual client.

Contact Cyber Lines Design

I’m dedicated to your success as both a business and an individual. To meet this goal, I work closely with the client by listening to how the client’s business works, determining a mission statement and core values. This helps to realize the clients’ goals so that Cyber Lines Design can represent them properly.

Good website design is important. It yields more visitors, higher conversion rates, and better sales. Your website is more than just code and software. It’s your storefront in cyberspace. As the internet representation of a business, non-profit, or individual, a website’s design should be attractive yet accessible, but most importantly, a website must be in black Regular communication, in person (if the client is local), over the phone, and by email is established and maintained throughout the process. I’m always available to answer questions and I’m never happy until the client is satisfied! At Cyber Lines Design, I realize the need to stand out from the crowd. Contact us to discuss your needs at no initial cost to you!

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